Get a new iPhone upgrade every year.

Always on the best network.

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New device payment agmt. Upgrade after 6 mos & 50% paid; trade-in of iPhone in good working condition & new device payment agmt req'd.

iPhone 6s

The simple way to get the
best network.

  • S 1 GB / $30
  • M 3 GB / $45
  • L 6 GB / $60
  • XL 12 GB / $80
  • XXL 18 GB / $100

All sizes include unlimited talk and text.

Plan cost per month plus $20/mo. for each smartphone line. Taxes/fees apply.

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The best iPhone deserves the best network.

Get up to $400 when you trade in your iPhone and buy the iPhone 6s.

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New smartphone device payment activation & port-in req’d. $400 = up to $300 trade-in VZW gift card + $100 bill credit. Bill credit applied w/in 2-3 bill cycles. Trade-in must be in good working condition.