Suggestions for Deaf and Hard of Hearing


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For more information on wireless services for people with disabilities, talk to your sales representative or call customer service at


Verizon Wireless provides a variety of features for our customers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing to assist them with their communication needs.

Depending on the type of device you are looking for, there are a variety of helpful features: 

  • Text Messaging
  • Instant Messaging
  • Email
  • Mobile Web
  • Vibrating Alerts
  • QWERTY keyboards
  • Vibrating Ringers
  • HAC Ratings
  • TTY Compatible 
  • Social Media Links

AndroidTM and Apple Devices

There are many applications that can be found in Google Play for AndroidTM devices and the Apple Application Store for Apple devices that will support face to face or closed captioned conversations from your phone, tablet or iPad.
Key words to search in order to pull up these types of applications are: 

Verizon Wireless has specific calling plans for our customers who do not use the voice channel to communicate. For more information, click here.