Suggestions for Cognitively Impaired


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For more information on wireless services for people with disabilities, talk to your sales representative or call customer service at


Device features to look for:

  • Audio, visual or vibrating alerts to notify of an incoming call
  • Audio or visual feedback to identify that keys have been pressed
  • Picture caller ID- photos that are downloaded to the device can be associated with a contact, the picture will appear when the contact calls
  • One button press to dial a preprogrammed phone number
  • Icons with labels
  • Alarms, calendars and reminders
  • Navigation
  • Notes or Memo- create or take notes/memos
  • Speech to text- send text messages, email or take notes
  • Incoming caller ID
  • Device Assistant/Search- ask device for assistance
  • Redial ability- redial a number that has previously called, redial that number with one touch