TTY Compatibility

A portable TTY with a 2.5 mm audio jack connection will directly connect to a wireless phone that accepts a 2.5 mm plug-in. TTY’s that have this type of connection are available through specific TTY vendors. Please find a list of vendors below.

Wireless phone-compatible TTY vendors:

Verizon Wireless’ digital network supports the use of digital wireless phones and TTY devices. Please note that not all digital wireless phones are TTY-compatible. Please check the individual phone detail available on our Products site to verify if the phone you are interested in is TTY-compatible.

Text Telephone (TTY) Information and
Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS)

711 Speed dial for TRS (Telecommunications Relay Service)

You can use a speed dial to contact a TRS operator from your cellular phone by dialing 711. You will be connected to a TRS operator who will assist you with your call. The TRS operator will be in the state that you are calling from. Long distance charges may appear on your Verizon Wireless bill for connecting to the TRS center by dialing 711, depending on how the state TRS center is set up. Your Verizon Wireless bill will reflect 711 as the number called, and "TRS call" appearing next to it as well as all appropriate air time charges.