At Verizon Wireless, we use our resources to improve the lives of individuals and the communities we serve. With our network, our people and our financial support, we’re building a better world, one connection at a time.

HopeLine® from Verizon Phone Donation & Recycling

Hopeline® from Verizon recycles no-longer used cell phones and accessories and turns them into support for non-profit domestic violence organizations and agencies. We collect your donated phones and accessories by mail, at our retail stores and through community phone drives. Phones donated to HopeLine are recycled under our zero-landfill policy.

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  • 11.4 million

    Phones recycled and refurbished through HopeLine

Device Recycling Program

The Verizon Device Recycling Program allows you to responsibly and conveniently recycle your used phones, tablets, netbooks and other wireless devices and also reduce electronic waste in our landfills. Depending on the make, model and condition of your device, you could receive a Verizon Wireless gift card based on the appraised value. Your device will then be recycled or repurposed.

You can recycle up to 10 wireless devices per visit at any of our corporate-owned Verizon Wireless stores.  You may also visit us online to determine the value of your device and receive free shipping materials. Business customers can recycle their devices for an account credit by contacting their business sales representative.

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  • 850+ tons

    Electronics waste kept out of landfills

Energy Efficient Stores & Buildings

Verizon Wireless builds and operates energy-efficient stores. We do this in accordance with two well-known standards: LEED® and ENERGY STAR®. More than 100 of our retail stores nationwide have earned the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for 2012.  More than 100 of our retail stores have earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s coveted ENERGY STAR® qualification. 

Our LEED-certified buildings adhere to the highest standards in responsible procurement, construction and day-to-day conservation measures, which include optimizing energy and water use and enhancing indoor environmental quality.

  • 100+

    LEED-certified Verizon Wireless locations

  • 200+ tons

    Construction waste recycled at Verizon Wireless LEED-certified locations

  • 100+

    ENERGY STAR-qualified retail stores

Solar Cell Sites

At Verizon Wireless, we’ve harnessed the energy of our closest star to help power our network and offset the use of electricity from the grid. Currently, we are using 26 solar-assisted cell sites in the western United States to help power the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless network in remote areas. Using the sun to power your connections—another shining example of innovation at its best.

  • 26

    solar-assisted Verizon Wireless cell sites


Verizon Wireless participates in Call2Recycle to help ensure a sustainable future by collecting spent rechargeable batteries for recycling. Call2Recycle, operated independently by the non-profit organization RBRC, provides an easy and convenient way to conserve the earth's natural resources and prevent rechargeable battery by-products from entering community landfills and the solid waste stream.

To participate, simply drop off your used rechargeable batteries at any Verizon Wireless retail location.

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  • 265,485

    pounds of rechargeable batteries recycled

  • 2,376

    Call2Recycle collection sites for rechargeable batteries

Paperless Billing, Receipts and Brochures

At Verizon Wireless, we’re using technology and reducing paper consumption to save trees and money. And now you can, too. By enrolling in Green Bill on the My Verizon website, you can access all your billing and account information online via a secure login and eliminate unnecessary paper waste, including account statements and receipts for in-store purchases.

And, we’re leading by example: by migrating to in-store electronic brochures nationwide, we’ve eliminated a significant and costly source of paper waste. Additionally, we have enabled receipt delivery to the MyVerizonMobile application that is available on most smartphones. You can now view in near real-time receipts on your handset, eliminating paper receipts.

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  • 1,700+

    retail locations offering electronic brochures and receipts