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Hue Connected Light Bulb Starter Kit

  • Control your lights when away from home using a compatible mobile device
  • Set lights to gradually brighten, dim or change color
  • Change your lighting to create different moods

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  • Description+-

    Whether it s soft light for a romantic dinner or bright and cheery when hosting a gathering, the Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Kit makes it easy to set the right mood every time. Limited only by your imagination, Hue light bulbs can generate up to 16 million colors, and they can be controlled via a Wi-Fi connection and an app on your smartphone or tablet.

    Need to relax? Hue can create just the right mood. Want to stay focused? Let Hue design the perfect atmosphere. It can even gradually brighten light in the morning to mimic a sunrise, peacefully awakening you instead of the startling blare of an alarm clock. When away from home, turn your lights on and off with your mobile device so it looks like someone is home. With geofencing technology, you can also program them to come on when you re arriving or to turn off when you re leaving.

    Download the app
    Using the app (hue by Philips), available through the itunes App Store and Android Google Play, you can pull up your photos and use them to create lighting scenes in your home. Just tap on a color in one of the photos and the amazing Hue light bulbs will mimic it.

    Save your scenes
    You can even save the lighting scenes as you create them, then group them together to make new and interesting color and light combinations all within one room.

    Light Recipes
    When you need just the right setting in a pinch, call up a Light Recipe. Choose from Relax, Energize, Concentrate and Reading.

    Installation is a snap
    Hue by Philips couldn t be easier to install. Just pick the lights or lamps you want to work with Hue and screw in the wireless bulbs. The bridge simply gets plugged into your wireless router. It can control up to 50 bulbs at a time. Download the app (Hue by Philips), and you re ready to set the perfect mood.

    Each Hue bulb lasts up to 15,000 hours, or about 13.7 years based on typical usage of three hours per day. The average 60-watt incandescent bulb lasts up to 1,000 hours less than one year based on typical usage.

    This kit has what you need to get started with Hue.

    Works with Nest
    To bump your Philips hue experience up to the next level, sync up with the Nest® Learning Thermostat. Together, these two products will provide you with the ultimate in home comfort and energy savings.

    Examples of hue light recipes that incorporate Nest include: Set to Home and turn your Philips hue bulbs on (your home temperature will switch to "Home" mode which is a temperature you pre-selected during Nest set up), Nest-away hue off (when Nest is set to "Away" mode, hue will shut off the lights), if Nest thermostat rises above x degrees change your Philips hue bulbs to red, etc. There are so many possibilities and multiple ways to ensure your comfort and convenience, while saving energy, as you come and go.

    Learn more about Nest here

  • Features+-
    • Change the lighting to create different moods with four included Light Recipes
    • Set lights to gradually brighten or dim; change the LED bulb’s color
    • Turn your lights on or off away from home using a compatible mobile device
    • Recreate light colors from your favorite photos for the perfect mood
    • Kit comes with wireless bridge and three bulbs, other bulbs sold separately
  • Specs+-


    • Bulb dimensions: 5.12 x 3.94 x 2.76 inches (E26 contact medium screw base fitting)
    • Bulb lifetime: Up to 15,000 hours (or about 13.7 years based on typical usage of three hours per day)
    • Bulb wattage: 9 watts
    • Light bulb spectrum: 16 million colors
    • Dimming: Via RF to 5 percent
    • Lumen output: 600 lm at 4000K; 510 lm at 3000K; 360 lm at 2000K; 550 lm at 6500K; 60 lm/W luminous efficacy at 4000K
    • Bridge support: Up to 50 bulbs per bridge
    • Compatibility: iOS and certain Android smartphones and tablets

    In The Box

    • Three Hue light bulbs
    • Wireless bridge
    • Power adapter
    • Two-meter Ethernet network cable
    • Quick start guide
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