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Vehicle Charger For iPod, iPhone and iPad

  • Most devices will charge in 90 - 120 mins
  • Redesigned to fit with LifeProof cases
  • Includes 1 year limited warranty from manufacturer

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    Redesigned to fit with Lifeproof Case.

    It never fails. You leave home and get five miles down the road to notice your iPhone is low on battery life. Maybe you're running out the door, late for a meeting with an important client, and you realize you didn't charge your iPad last night — and your presentation is useless without your go-to device. Worse, you're two hours into a four-hour road trip and the kids are in the back screaming because their iPod is out of juice.

    Spare yourself the frustration and aggravation of all these scenarios with the Vehicle Charger for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Just plug it into your car's power outlet and plug your device into the charger, and you're ready to go. The charger delivers 5V and 2.1 amps to rapidly charge your Apple devices while you're heading down the road. There's a built-in indicator light that glows red when the charger is receiving power and the power socket is working properly, so you never have to wonder, Is this thing on?

    Plug It In

    • Fixed 9-foot coiled cable (with Apple connector) lets passengers use their devices while charging
    • Charger delivers 5V and 2.1 amps from the outlet
    • Most devices will charge in 90-120 minutes
    • Built-in indicator light is red to let you know your device is getting power

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