Celebrity News: Mobile Tech to Keep You Informed

Can’t get enough of your favorite A-listers? Try these apps, devices and accessories to get the latest celebrity buzz—along with some star power of your own.

Can’t get enough of your favorite A-listers? Try these apps, devices and accessories to get the latest celebrity buzz—along with some star power of your own.

It’s no secret that many Americans can’t get enough of their favorite stars and the latest celebrity news. Who’s doing what? Who’s wearing what? Who’s with whom? Who’s over whom? Call it a slight celebrity obsession.

In this age of social connectivity, it’s easy to stay up on all the A-listers. Twitter and Instagram are great places to start, but if you want to know more about some of today’s hottest stars, and maybe even get some star power for yourself, there are other cool options available. These apps, devices and accessories are as close as your kitchen counter, and they won’t leave you craving more (unlike the season finale of your favorite show).

Apps that shine

If you like Twitter, you’ll love TweetCaster. TweetCaster lets you organize your Twitter feeds and followers into categories, so that you can selectively follow specific messages related to, say, an upcoming movie premiere or an album release. And if your opinionated friend is hating on your favorite celeb, you can hide her messages until she’s over that rant. Mobile social networking (and hobnobbing) has never been easier!

If it’s the latest Hollywood gossip, news, photos and events you’re obsessing over, Celebrity Update puts it all in the palm of your hand. The free app uses public RSS feeds to continually stay on top of celebrity buzz. Or check out The Huffington Post app for more in-depth stories and celeb-authored editorials.

Let’s face it, you’ve got star qualities of your own. Why not get a mobile number that’s as memorable as you? StarStar Me lets you use your name, nickname or personal handle as a shortcut to your existing mobile number. Once set up, simply enter ** then something that’s easy to remember. Share the shortcut with your friends and fans. It’s what makes you, YOU.

Devices made for show and watching show-stoppers

Stargazing can be oh so discrete and sophisticated when you have the Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 (8.0) in your bag. This tablet features a beautiful 7.0-inch display on which to catch your favorite celebs in their latest movies through Media Hub, while the preloaded Peel Smart Remote app suggests shows for TV fans of all kinds. Quickly connect to celebrity news websites with the speed of Verizon 4G LTE.

Ready to celebrate your celebrity crush? Do so with the new Nokia Lumia 928. A high-performance speaker helps you listen clearly to videos and important online celebrity news. Quickly share your favorite celebrity websites, contact information and more—thanks to Near Field Communication capability—and keep shortcuts to social networks right on your customizable Home screen.

Accessories that cause a scene or catch one

One accessory is so cool, it could make the stars themselves turn their heads. The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition is a remote quadricopter that shoots bird’s-eye, aerial HD footage that’s sharable on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks—and it’s controlled by your smartphone or tablet. So when you’re wandering around Los Angeles or New York, you’ll be well equipped to document your celeb sightings.

No need to jet off to LA to see the stars. Turn your high-resolution tablet or smartphone into a TV and catch your favorite celebs in their element and in the news, from anywhere. The elegant Slingbox 500 delivers stunning picture quality for all your star watching.

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