Gift Guide: The Coolest Gadgets to Give Kids

Looking for tech gifts for high-tech kids? Here are three interactive toys that work with your wireless device.

Sure, your Verizon Wireless device is great for boosting productivity, lightening your workload and all sorts of other “grown-up” tasks. But that doesn’t mean the kids can’t have some fun with it, too. In fact, there are plenty of fun interactive toys available for your smartphone or tablet. Here are a few of our favorites:

MOGA Pro™ Power Game Controller (Android™ compatible, $79.99)

You often find kids furiously tapping their phone screens and tilting them every which way to race through obstacles, challenge friends in games or play virtual versions of their favorite sports. Thanks to the MOGA Pro Power, that virtual gaming experience becomes even more intense and enjoyable. With a library of games available through the MOGA Pivot app, your children will have long hours of entertainment. The full-size controller offers precision controls, portability, dual analog sticks, shoulder triggers and four action buttons for a console-style-gaming feel. Plus, it will charge your kids’ smartphones while they’re playing.

Crayola® DigiTools™ Deluxe Pack (iPad® compatible, $39.99)

For years, there’s been one go-to name for any budding Rembrandt- or Picasso-in-training: Crayola. Now, thanks to the Crayola DigiTools Deluxe Pack, young artists can have instant access to all their favorite Crayola crayons, paints, pencils, markers and more in a convenient no-muss, no-fuss, kid-friendly digital package. Using the unique Digital Airbrush, Digital 3-D Tool and Digital Stamper, kids can take their works of art outside the lines of the digital coloring book—adding spray paint, stellar 3-D effects, animated images and other cool special effects to their virtual masterpieces.

LeapFrog® Creativity Camera Protective Case (iPhone® compatible, $19.99)

Handing your expensive, beloved technology over to the kids can be a bit (or a lot) nerve wracking. With the LeapFrog Creativity Camera Protective Case, you can rest assured that not only is your child entertained, but your phone is also protected. The kids can explore engaging games and educational activities in a totally cool case resembling an old school camera. With the accompanying (and free!) LeapFrog Creativity Camera app, your kids will never be bored while they edit their photographic masterpieces.

No matter the accessory you choose to give your child, you are sure to be met with big smiles and tons of thanks.

This article was written by an author contracted by Verizon’s Insider's Guide to provide helpful information on wireless technology. The thoughts, opinions and suggestions of the author may not necessarily reflect those of Verizon Wireless.

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