Verizon Support & Protection Helps Keep Your Smartphone Protected

This new Android security app from Verizon Wireless has many features to safeguard your personal data, protect your privacy and locate your missing smartphone.

Your smartphone is a treasure chest filled with your personal information: friends’ email addresses and phone numbers, family photos and videos, and account numbers and passwords to shopping sites and bank accounts.

With all that valuable information, you should protect your phone, just as you would your computer at home.

With the new Verizon Support & Protection app for Android, you’ll get basic virus scan and safe browsing protection for free (data usage applies). For a monthly charge, the Premium security suite includes the basic features plus mobile recovery features and app safeguards to protect your personal data. Here are four ways the app keeps your smartphone secure:

Scenario: You download a free app to look up recipes for lasagna. Unknown to you, it comes with a Trojan virus that will capture your bank account number the next time you use your smartphone to pay a bill.

Verizon Support & Protection solution: Anti-malware features powered by McAfee will help protect you from viruses, worms, dialers, Trojans and other malicious code. Routine scans will alert you to any threats, which you can then quickly delete. You set how frequently you want the scans to run.

Scenario: You check your email and see an offer that grabs your attention: 50-percent off and free shipping for a product that you’ve had your eye on. You click the link, but it’s a phishing scam, and now your personal information is at risk.

Verizon Support & Protection solution: The app includes McAfee® SiteAdvisor® to help protect against web threats by warning you about sites deemed risky. SiteAdvisor software protects you from malicious links in text messages, email, social networking sites and QR codes.

Scenario: Your son is playing a game on your smartphone when he sees a pop-up ad for a cool free game. He excitedly taps the ad, which leads him to download the app (and the free privacy risks that come with it).

Verizon Support & Protection solution: App Alert monitors what apps on your smartphone impact your privacy and security. It reviews all your installed apps and tells you, for example, whether those apps can track your device’s GPS or if they access personal data such as contacts, messages, calendars and photos. You then have an easy way to uninstall the apps that threaten your security. App Alert is available on the Premium version of Verizon Mobile Security.

Scenario: You arrive home after shopping at your local mall, reach for your phone and realize it’s not there. You’ve been in dozens of stores today, not to mention the food court, so your phone could be just about anywhere in the mall.

Verizon Support & Protection solution: The Premium app comes with mobile recovery features. With it, log in to your My Verizon account and signal a loud tone on your phone, even if it’s been set to silent, and find it on a map. You can also lock your phone or delete your sensitive data remotely.

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