Can a Smartphone Become Your Sixth Sense? Two Toasters CEO Thinks So

The CEO of mobile app development company Two Toasters reflects on mobile app trends, saying your smartphone may be able to act as your sixth sense in the future.

Rachit Shukla knows a thing or two about apps. He’s the CEO and founder of Durham, N.C.–based mobile app developer Two Toasters. The company is behind notable apps such as Room 77 for hotel booking, the Shopkick shopping rewards app for iOS, and Airbnb for Android—an app Verizon host Nar Williams used to book a stay in Austin.

Shukla is the perfect person to ask about mobile app trends. So how will the apps on our smartphones affect our lives in the future?

He thinks they may be able to complement our physical lives without any work from us. If you make your preferences available to apps on your smartphone, Shukla explains, they can become attuned to your likes and activities. So if you walk into a restaurant, apps may be able to recommend what you should order based on your personal tastes and order history.

“It almost becomes your sixth sense,” says Shukla, “because it’s an extension of you as you walk through the physical world.”

We’re already seeing mobile technology help us complete everyday activities without us lifting a finger. Think voice-activated Touchless Controls on the Droid Maxx and Droid Mini by Motorola.

But with the mobile apps of the future, we may get tasks done without even needing to say a word. Now that’s cool.

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