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Be the first to know about upcoming Motorola Droid. Exclusively on Verizon.

Better in a snap.

Moto Z Force Droid Edition logo device photo of Moto Z Force Droid Edition
  • Transforms with Moto Mods™
  • Moto ShatterShield™ display
  • More than a full day of battery life*
  • TurboPower™ charging
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Moto Z Droid Edition logo device photo of Moto Z Droid Edition
  • Transforms with Moto Mods™
  • World's thinnest premium smartphone**
  • All-day battery*
  • TurboPower™ charging
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Introducing Moto Mods.

Transform your phone in a snap.

Moto Mods are interchangeable backs that snap onto your Moto Z Droid, instantly transforming it into a movie projector, stereo speaker, battery powerhouse and more.

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Introducing Moto Mods.

Give your music a boost.

Just snap on the JBL SoundBoost, pump up the volume and get the party started. You’ll instantly get powerful stereo sound.

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Introducing Moto Mods.

Project and share. Anytime, anywhere.

Transform your smartphone into a projector in a snap with the Insta-Share Projector. It turns any flat surface into a screen up to 70’’ wide.

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Introducing Moto Mods.

Recharge without slowing down.

Instantly add up to 22 hours* of battery life to your phone with the Power Pack. It snaps on so you can recharge on the run. Just snap and go.

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Only on the better network.

Both phones are available exclusively on Verizon, the network that ranks highest in three leading studies, in multiple tests, year after year. Can your network say that?

Verizon is #1 where it counts the most.

According to RootMetrics©, the largest independent third-party tester of wireless network performance, Verizon is #1 in speed, data, reliability and overall network performance in the U.S.

And after 3,851,608 tests, 239,941 miles driven, and 6,607 indoor locations tested, you can safely say they’ve done the research to prove it.

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Verizon was ranked “Highest in Wireless Network Quality Performance across the Nation" for the third time in a row by J.D. Power.

When more than 40,000 wireless customers were surveyed in six regions across the country, Verizon Wireless ranked highest in all six regions.

Six out of six isn’t bad.

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When customers feel the difference between our network and the competition, that's when better really matters.

Verizon has ranked #1 in network performance satisfaction for 33 consecutive quarters, based on analysis of the latest data from Nielsen.

That means for eight years running, customers have been happier with Verizon’s network performance.

We've got you covered

What good is a network that can’t go where you
go? Verizon’s 4G LTE network covers 2.4 million
square miles of America (that’s 98% of all
Americans, if you’re counting).

Use the coverage locator
Verizon 4G LTE Coverage
Verizon 4G LTE coverage
AT&T 4G LTE coverage
AT&T 4G LTE coverage
T-Mobile 4G LTE coverage
T-Mobile 4G LTE coverage
Sprint 4G LTE coverage
Sprint 4G LTE coverage

Voice & non-4G LTE data service available outside 4G LTE coverage area.

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device photo of Droid Turbo 2

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device photo of Droid Max 2

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