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International services while in the US.

Connect with your friends and family who live in another country.

Add International Services

Select a country to obtain rates and dialing instructions.

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International calling while in the US.

Make calls while in the US to the world with your Verizon Wireless phone. Choose from shared minute plans, per minute plans or value plans that can be added to a current price plan.

1,000 international shared minutes New improved value plan Shared pay per minute
Added to account Added per line Added per line or account
Call the world $20/mo Monthly access charge $5/mo Monthly access $0
Call Mexico and Canada $10/mo Call Mexico and Canada $0/min Call Mexico and Canada As low as $0.49/min
Overage: $0.10/min Call to other countries As low as $0.05/min Call to other countries As low as $0.20/min
Countries covered by shared mins international calling plans (while in the US) Overage: As low as $0.05/min Overage: As low as $0.20/min
  Includes more than 230 countries Includes more than 230 countries
  Countries covered by international value plans (while in the US) Countries covered by international standard plans (while in the US)

Direct dial countries.

10-digit North American dialing.

Call select countries while in the US without adding an International Voice Plan to your account using 10-digit direct dialing.

International Voice Rates and airtime charges apply when calling these countries while in the US.

View direct dial countries
Satellite phone rate
Calling area Country code Rate
Iridium 8816 & 8817 $6.00/min
Inmarsat (Sabre Wideeye BGAN) 870 $9.00/min

How it works.

  • Set up your phone.

    Check your account’s eligibility for international calling (while in the US) on the change minutes, text or data page in My Verizon.

  • Find your plan.

    Choose from 1,000 shared minutes, a $5 value plan or pay-by-the-minute plans.

  • Call worldwide.

    Set up your service and start connecting to over 230 countries.

  • Traveling outside the US?

    Verizon has you covered with talk, text and data plans in Mexico, Canada and over 200 countries.

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  • Terms & conditions.

    Please review for important information regarding international services (while in the US).

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