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The MORE Everything PlanSM

Verizon's flexible plan for both families and individuals

  • Enjoy Unlimited Talk & Text, Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot and Shared Data for up to 10 devices.
  • Powered by Verizon's award-winning 4G LTE network.

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What you get with The MORE Everything Plan

The MORE Everything Plan is the flexible and affordable wireless plan. Discover all the great features included.

  • Unlimited Talk

    There are no minutes to count or overages to worry about. Go ahead and talk.

  • Unlimited Text

    Text as much as you want. There's no limit on your account.

  • Shareable Data

    Use it all on yourself or share with up to 10 devices. Get only the data you need and adjust at any time without penalties or extended contracts.

  • Personal Hotspot

    Your smartphone can get Wi-Fi enabled devices online, at no extra cost.

  • International Messaging

    Unlimited texting from the U.S. to over 200 countries worldwide.

  • 25 GB Cloud Storage

    Store your photos, contacts and more with the Verizon Cloud App.

  • NFL® Mobile app

    Live games and exclusive NFL content are included for the 2014 season.

Family Plan

Only$140monthly access

Families get MORE for less.

4 lines can share 10 GB data for only $140 monthly access with Verizon Edge.

  • Award-winning call, text and data performance.
  • Includes savings of up to $25 per smartphone on your monthly line access when you buy your phone with Verizon Edge.

Individual Plan

From$45monthly access


Individuals can enjoy unlimited talk, text, and 1 GB of data for $45 monthly access with a Single Line Plan on Verizon Edge.

  • Award-winning call, text and data performance.
  • Save $15 on your monthly access when you buy your smartphone with a Single Line Plan on Verizon Edge.

Learn More About Single Line Plans

$45 monthly access for one phone with 1 GB Single Line Plan with Verizon Edge.

The Best Coverage

A phone is only as good as the network it's on.® Verizon's super-fast 4G LTE network is the most reliable and in more places than any other 4G LTE network.

  • Only Verizon's 4G network is 100% LTE.
  • Covers over 98% of Americans.

Seeing is believing. Compare Verizon 4G LTE coverage to other 4G LTE networks.

Find a Detailed Coverage Map of Your Area

ALASKA Customers, click here to view your new coverage maps.

Voice and Non-4G LTE data service Available Outside 4G LTE Coverage Area.

How The MORE Everything Plan Works

The MORE Everything Plan allows you to share data on up to 10 smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Decide how you Buy Each Device

2-Year Agreement

Pay a reduced, one-time cost for your phone. Upgrade after two years.

Verizon Edge

Use this device payment program to break the price of your phone into 24 monthly payments that are added to your bill. No device payment is due at checkout. You also get a monthly line access discount on your bill. After 30 days and 75% of the device is paid off, you can upgrade.

*Verizon Edge is available on basic and smartphones.

Full Price

Pay for your device at full retail. Upgrade to a new device anytime.

Bring Your Own

Connect your own compatible device.

For Example:

Device Payment2-Year AgreementiPhone 6 - $199.99

Add Phones & DevicesDevice Details & Pricing

Add Phones, Tablets & Other Devices

Add up to 10 devices to your account and pay a Monthly Line Access per device. Monthly Line Access is the cost of connecting each of your devices to your plan.

See a List of Device Types

Smartphones+$40 monthly line access

Tablets+$10 monthly line access

Basic Phones Was +30/mo +$20 monthly line access

Connected Devices+$5 monthly line access

Internet Devices+$20 monthly line access

For Example:

Device Payment2-Year AgreementiPhone 6 - $199.99

Devices Added2 Smartphones$40 + $40 = $80 monthly line access

Select Your Shareable DataData Details & Pricing

What is Data?

Data lets you browse the internet, stream and download music, watch videos and more. Choose one adjustable data allowance that is shared across all your devices. This is your Monthly Account Access.

Monthly Data Allowance
*Monthly Account Access
Monthly Line Access Discount with Verizon Edge

500 MB
-$15/mo per smartphone
1 GB
Was $40 $30*
-$15/mo per smartphone
2 GB
Was $50 $40*
-$15/mo per smartphone
3 GB
Was $60 $50*
-$15/mo per smartphone
4 GB
Was $70 $60*
-$15/mo per smartphone
6 GB
Was -15/mo-$25/mo per smartphone
10 GB
Was $100 $80*
-$25/mo per smartphone
15 GB
NEW $100*
-$25/mo per smartphone
20 GB
Was $150 $140*
-$25/mo per smartphone
30 GB
-$25/mo per smartphone
40 GB
-$25/mo per smartphone
50 GB
-$25/mo per smartphone
60 GB
-$25/mo per smartphone
80 GB
-$25/mo per smartphone
100 GB
-$25/mo per smartphone

2 GB

For Tablets & Connected Devices only

4 GB
6 GB
8 GB
10 GB
12 GB
14 GB
16 GB
18 GB
20 GB
30 GB
40 GB
50 GB
60 GB
80 GB
100 GB

For Example:

Device Payment2-Year AgreementiPhone 6 - $199.99

Devices Added2 Smartphones$40 + $40 = $80 monthly line access

Data Allowance4 GB$60 monthly account access

Total Monthly Cost$140 monthly accessplus 1-time phone payment

More Savings with Verizon Edge

Get 10 GB of data for only $80 monthly account access and pay $15 monthly line access per smartphone line on Edge.

As a Family of 4:

Line Access Data Access Total Access

4 Smartphones on MORE Everything

4 x $40$160monthly line access

10 GB$80monthly account access

$240 monthly access*

4 Smartphones on MORE Everything with Edge

4 x $15$60monthly line access

10 GB$80monthly account access

Save $100$140 monthly access**

As an Individual:

Line Access Data Access Total Access

1 Smartphone on MORE Everything

1 x $40$40monthly line access

2 GB$40monthly account access

$80 monthly access*

1 Smartphone on MORE Everything with Edge

1 x $25$25monthly line access

2 GB$40monthly account access

Save $15$65 monthly access**

*Excludes taxes and surcharges.

**Plus Monthly Verizon Edge Device Fees, excludes taxes and surcharges. Tablets are not eligible for discount at this time.

Build Your New Plan

First, add your devices.

The MORE Everything Plan offers Unlimited Talk and Unlimited Text. If you prefer basic phones, you have the option to select a 700 shared minutes plan.

$40 Monthly Line Access


Monthly Line Access


You have selected more than 5 devices, which exceeds the maximum number of devices you can purchase at one time.

Next, choose your data package.

Join Verizon and get $100 bill credit with each new Verizon Edge smartphone activation.

Port-in req’d. Bill credit takes 2-3 billing cycles.


Based on our records of users with similar devices, we have recommended a plan for you. Your recommendation will change depending on the number of devices on your plan.

Save $25/month for every smartphone you put on a plan with 6 GB of data or higher. Or, save $15/month on plans with 4 GB of data or less.

You have selected a data amount below the recommended amount.

Based on the combination of device(s) you selected, your plan options and our recommendations have changed.

We recommend 10 GBto save $100 every month on your Verizon Edge smartphone line access.



*Monthly Account Access

How much data do I need?

Your MORE Everything Plan Summary

Monthly Line Access

Smartphone $40
With Verizon Edge Discount $25
$   per month $   per month w/ Verizon Edge


Monthly Data Access

  MORE Everything Data Package
$   per month


Total Monthly Access

$   per month $   per month w/ Verizon Edge

Change your plan anytime

Adjust your monthly data limit any time with My Verizon. Changes won't affect your contract terms.

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You're in control of your usage

See your voice, messaging and data plan allowance. Monitor your usage for the current bill.

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