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  • Multiple Devices– Sync messages across your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac and seamlessly transition between devices without message interruption. Messages are stored for up to 90 days.
  • Wi-Fi and Web– Send & receive messages over Wi-Fi or create a web account to access messages on any browser.
  • Personalization– Customize conversation Bubbles, Fonts, Driving Mode, Auto-Replies and more.
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Send an eGift

Give Starbucks eGift Cards to friends and family.

Schedule a Message

Write a message, then schedule a date and time to have it delivered.

Time Stamp

View time stamps for every message you send and receive by swiping left on the conversation screen.

Media Search

Use the in-app Media Search to find and share images, videos, websites and GIFs.

Video Trimming

Share only the best moments of your favorite videos by trimming down the size and length.

Driving Mode

Turn on Driving Mode to disable message notifications, send an Auto-Reply message and even let pre- selected contacts view your current location.


Share your real-time location with friends and family.

Attach Menu

Tap the '+' sign to open the Attach Menu to access eGifts, Postcards, Gallery, Media Search, Glympse® and more.

Swipe to Delete

Swipe left to quickly delete a conversation from the conversation list.

Swipe to Call

Swipe right to make calls directly from the conversation list.

Photo Editing

Spice up your photos with stickers, filters and more.


Take texting to A NEW LEVEL

  • Show off your style with a personal avatar, custom backgrounds, fun fonts and colorful emojis.
  • Get one-touch access to Media Search, eGifts, Driving Mode and more.
  • Use the Shared Media Filter to see pictures and videos from your conversations sorted by contact and content type.

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Business Customers

Use Verizon Messages to keep your business in touch.

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