6 Essential Android Apps for the College Graduate

Navigate your brave new world equipped with these six free apps for Android.

Congratulations, college graduates. Your years of term papers, final exams and textbooks are over, and hopefully all of your hard work is about to pay off with a successful and happy future.

Whether you’re heading to a large city to start a new job or simply getting situated in an apartment of your own, these six Android apps will prepare you for independent life after all the graduation parties have ended.

Job Search by Indeed

First things first: You need a job. Make all that hard work you spent studying pay off with some annual income. If you haven’t already ignited your job search, start by using some handy job-searching apps to hunt for employment, and be ready to apply even when you’re on the go.

The Job Search app is extremely simple, just like its no-frills parent website, Indeed.com. It simply prompts you to type in what kind of job you’re looking for and in what location. Keep tabs on your Indeed account from the app, access your saved jobs and view employment alerts. When a job opening comes your way, you’ll be prepared to jump at the opportunity, wherever you are.


As a college graduate, it’s essential to keep in contact with your network of friends, peers and colleagues, so when they hear about a job opportunity, they quickly think of you and your oh-so-amazing talent. Luckily, LinkedIn, one of the best professional-networking websites, has a killer mobile app.

Use the LinkedIn app to search for contacts, update your LinkedIn profile information and view which friends are obtaining or changing jobs. View all of your connections, accept new ones and access your LinkedIn groups wherever you are. Hopefully, a job tip will follow.

Mint.com Personal Finance

With post-college money woes, there’s little else you can do but to start saving your pennies until you land your first job (but, then again, when don’t we want to build our bank accounts?). A reliable finance app can help you keep more money in your wallet.

Mint is a popular personal-finance app that helps organize all of your accounts and keeps track of what you’re spending. You can easily see where your money goes in graph-form (those lattes and cappucinos really add up, don’t they?), as well as how much cash you have left to spend according to your personalized budget.


If you’re searching for a new place to live after graduation, you’re going to need an apartment, maybe some furniture, and anything cheap.

CraigsPro+ is Craigslist in your pocket. With this classified-listings app, you can search locally for apartments or homes, plus furniture to fill it all, with a few simple taps of your finger. Search by things for sale or for rent, or even post your own things to sell and make a little money on the side.

WikiMobile 2

Think of WikiMobile 2 as your source of knowledge post-college. Whether you’re interested in catching up on a current event, or you want to research more about that company you’re applying to, this free reference app is bound to have all your information needs covered.

Over ten million Wikipedia articles live in WikiMobile 2, so you’ll have access to trending topics, trivia and all-around random tidbits (all complete with pictures) wherever you go. The best part is you can earn free, daily Pocket Change Tokens that can be used for real-world items such as a coffee at Starbucks or an e-book on Amazon.

Allthecooks Recipes

Gone are the days of overly abundant school cafeterias and mom’s dependable home cooking. True, you could keep eating ramen noodles every night, but eventually, you’ll need to seek out more nutritious and diverse foods.

The cooking app Recipes Search lets you browse more than 70,000 recipes based on what kind of meal you’re craving or whatever limited ingredients you already have in your cupboards. Got a cooking question? You can ask Recipes Search users for tips within the app’s forum. Make sure to share every new recipe you try with your old college roommate (knowing him, he’s still on the ramen diet).

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Job Search by Indeed

Mint.com Personal Finance


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