What a Bargain: One Hundred of the Best Android Games in One Place

GameTanium™ is an app subscription service to over 100 of the top-selling Android game apps.

Your Android smartphone can do some diverse, amazing things (web, email, video, navigation), but there’s nothing more popular than gaming. According to global marketing and advertising research company Nielsen, games are consistently the most widely used apps on smartphones, and with the rise of smartphone usage, this shows little sign of slowing down.

In order to feed your growing hunger for zombie warfare, samurai fruit cutting, sports and word puzzles, Verizon Wireless has unveiled the mighty GameTanium (cue thunder and riotous coliseum applause).

This innovative app service offers over 100 of the top-selling Android games, including hits like World of Goo, Plants vs. Zombies, Chuzzle, Doodle God, Fruit Ninja and Radiant HD.

Exclusive to Verizon Wireless customers with devices running Android 2.2 or higher, GameTanium offers unlimited access to the best Android games. New game apps are typically added weekly.

Kid-safe Android games

Parents needn’t worry that their kid might play an explicit game with GameTanium, as adult-only content is excluded. All apps have a Verizon Wireless Content Rating of either C7+ or T13+, which means they are suitable for children over the age of 7 or 13, respectively—not that grownups don’t enjoy Fruit Ninja too!

Game app navigation

All games are available via a single, simple app. You can search for a particular game or browse by various categories, such as Editor’s Picks, Arcade, Casino, Hidden Object, Puzzle, Word, Board, Action and Kids.

Get GameTanium

All Verizon Wireless customers interested in GameTanium can test the service with a free, seven-day trial, then subscribe for a monthly subscription price of $9.83.

When you compare this price to buying just a few popular app downloads, it’s safe to say GameTanium’s 100-plus game service is an unbeatable value.

This article was written by an author contracted by Verizon’s Insider's Guide to provide helpful information on wireless technology. The thoughts, opinions and suggestions of the author may not necessarily reflect those of Verizon Wireless.

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