10 Best Shopping Apps

Must-have apps for today's connected shopper

In the beginning, there were only two tools to find the best deal in town: the Sunday paper and a pair of scissors. In the early 2000s, we learned to comparison-shop online, pasting SKU numbers into product search engines like PriceGrabber, Google Shopper and Wize. As social media grew, we started sharing and discovering great deals with our friends—sometimes even getting a deal for free by using features like LivingSocial’s Me+3 sharing incentive.

The smartphone has now emerged as our predominant connection to the data in our surrounding world. Anyone still using a basic phone is missing out on a gold mine of deals and offers for shopping at his or her favorite stores.

Of the hundreds of smartphone shopping apps out there, here’s a quick rundown of the best. Shop wisely, friends.

Get great deals.
Keep track of deals at your favorite stores, restaurants and gas stations with The Coupons App. Get coupons delivered straight to your phone, based on your location with GeoQpons. Grab the latest bargains on spas, salons, restaurants and more with LivingSocial.

Streamline your wallet.
Stop cluttering your wallet and keychain with store loyalty cards; put them on your phone with Key Ring Reward Cards.

Pay the right price.
Sure, that TV seems like it’s got a great sale price, but could you get it cheaper somewhere else? With apps like ShopSavvy, you can do your comparison-shopping straight from your phone; there’s no need to visit an endless array of stores.

Keep yourself organized.
Always have your shopping lists with you—store them in Evernote. Quick Shop Pro is much more convenient than a paper list.

Shop when the mood strikes.
If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, or if you just don’t feel like making the trek to the mall, Amazon Mobile and eBay apps let you securely shop the online sites from your phone.

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