Say ‘I Do’ to Your Smartphone After the Wedding

With your nuptials behind you, there are a few postwedding “to-dos” before you can relax and enjoy the next chapter in your life. Mobile technology can help.

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You’ve just exchanged your vows, in what was one of the biggest events of your life. Now that the wedding is behind you, you can relax and enjoy the honeymoon and start the next chapter in the story of you. Of course, there are a few thank-you notes to be sent, a few photos to be shared and a few last-minute details to take care of before you head off to your honeymoon destination—no problem. Here’s how mobile technology can help.

Just as your digital devices may have helped to get you through the planning stages and ensured that the special moments of your wedding were captured, so, too, can these devices guide you after the big day. With a few great apps downloaded to your smartphone or other mobile device, it won’t be long before you’ll have your postwedding to-dos whipped into shape.

For help with thank-yous and more
Start by organizing your list of thank-yous using Evernote. This award-winning app is not only helpful when you’re planning your wedding, it’s just as savvy after the fact. Enter comments about who needs to be thanked for helping you pull off the big event, categorize your notes by priority, search for them as needed, then make an update when the task is complete. Evernote lets you save and synchronize your digital life across most devices, so those especially memorable photos captured at your reception can be shared between your devices—then with everyone else. You can even attach comments, such as handwritten thoughts, to your visuals.

For finding the right words . . . and tips
Once you have organized your thank-yous, the Wedding Etiquette app for Android can provide helpful tips on how to send a sentiment that’s appropriate and meaningful. Should you need to tip someone who really helped make your day memorable, the Wedding Etiquette app provides some suggestions for doing so.

For your honeymoon
Want to know where the locals go out to eat at your honeymoon destination? Or, do you need to find a gas station ASAP? Yelp is at your service. Search for places to eat, shop, drink and play, then read reviews from those who know the area. The Yelp app can be your trusty tour guide throughout your honeymoon. Evernote can also come in handy during your honeymoon. Use it to keep your travel itineraries, confirmations, scanned travel documents (such as passports), maps and plans, so you can access them quickly. Congratulations—and enjoy!

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