Success Story: Behind the Scenes at

The creator of the popular online frugal-living community shares how she keeps her readers informed using her smartphone and her favorite apps.

The blog is all about saving money. Get a year’s magazine subscription for five bucks, print coupons or read an article about fun and budget-friendly snack ideas for kids. But how does Kimberly Danger, the site’s creator, find and communicate deals to her readers?

Not much has changed about the type of information provided at since Danger launched it in 2000. But how she updates can’t-be-beaten deals and communicates frugal-living advice has evolved. She can now offer her readers and forum members (over 78,000 of them) the best information anytime, anywhere within America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, thanks to her Verizon Wireless smartphone.

“I can take a picture at the store of a great deal, and I can tweet it out to my Twitter followers immediately, or I can use the WordPress app to publish a blog post on the go.”

Whether it’s pointing out great buys at 50 percent off or better, sharing a crafty idea or communicating any kind of information a budget-conscious mom might want to know, Danger can document objects, activities and experiences when she is on the go. She even admits that she rarely uses her laptop anymore.

Besides the WordPress app, she’ll use Twitter and Facebook to keep the community up to date, too, posting quick tips and updates to more than 50,000 followers. And every topic is made more enjoyable with photos, which Danger can capture with her smartphone. “If I have a great tip, I’ll take a picture of something that will illustrate my tip, and then I can create a pin for Pinterest with that photo,” Danger says.

Mobile technology helps keep Danger’s community in the know.

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