Stay connected: how you’ll benefit from a 4G LTE tablet from Verizon

Discover the benefits of a connected 4G LTE tablet, at home and on the go.

Whether you travel often or run errands like it’s your job, utilizing your tablet’s communication capabilities by connecting to the reliable, nationwide Verizon 4G LTE network makes a huge difference. Sure, you could try to find a Wi-Fi signal, but when you need information, entertainment for your kids or the means to take care of business, you’ll want the security and convenience of connecting to the Verizon network.

What is a connected tablet?

The challenge of any busy adult is finding the right balance between work and play, learning and entertainment, family and career. That’s where tablets come in—devices that are small enough to take with you on the go, yet large enough to be true productivity tools. A connected tablet (such as the Verizon Ellipsis™ 8 or the Samsung Galaxy Note® Pro) allows you to access the Internet when you’re within network coverage, even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. A non-connected tablet can only access the Internet when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Why you need a connected tablet

Access to the latest information, as well as the ability to communicate effectively, allows for a sense of freedom you may not have known you were missing. Say you’re on your daily subway commute or a road trip with friends. With a connected tablet, you can watch your favorite movie on a screen larger than that of your smartphone, such as the 10.1-inch HD screen on the Ellipsis 10® Tablet. Perhaps you can’t make your daughter’s soccer game due to a hectic meeting schedule. With a connected tablet like the 9.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab® S2, you can get your work done and video chat with someone who’s at the game so that you don’t miss Suzy’s first goal.

For the family, it just makes sense

Connecting to the Verizon 4G LTE network when a Wi-Fi signal is unavailable means not just staying up-to-date on emails and other important communications, but also keeping the family occupied and entertained during those times when they might need a bit of a distraction. With apps for video streaming, sports, games, video chatting and messaging, having access to a network while on the road can shorten even the longest of trips.

Staying connected means staying in business

Tablets are multi-functional tools, and for the modern professional, they have become indispensable, acting as replacements for the paper folios and briefcases you used to use. Relying solely on Wi-Fi connectivity to conduct business is risky and could mean the difference between a closed deal and a lost sale—not to mention the security risks of using an open signal. Put together presentations; create, edit and securely share information; and stay up-to-date on all of the latest happenings while on the way to your next big client. No matter the bells and whistles, a tablet is only as good as the information it can access.

Whether you’re going to the grocery store, taking a day trip to your favorite destination or crossing the country for an important meeting, knowing that you can count on the legendary reliability of Verizon Wireless is an important first step to a worry-free—and more entertaining—trip.

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