mbrace2 Car Technology: Your Car of the Future, Now

Comfort, security and convenience. Now, you can connect and communicate with your Mercedes-Benz from your Verizon Wireless smartphone.

Connectivity and ease are key components of the new mbrace2 in-vehicle telematic system, as they bring your smartphone and “smart” car together in exciting and powerful ways. As an active subscriber to Mercedes-Benz’s mbrace, and using Verizon Wireless’ network, you can access a variety of helpful information about your account, all with the new mbrace2 mobile app and your dashboard’s in-car connectivity.


Using Internet-based apps, mbrace2 gives a Mercedes-Benz owner the ability to access its services with a swipe. The built-in COMMAND system connects to Yelp and Facebook, along with Google Local Search for destinations and business listings. Unlocked doors or locked-in keys are no longer a worry, as you can use the mobile app to both lock and unlock doors quickly and easily.

If you can’t remember exactly where you’ve parked, mbrace2’s “Locate” button sends a message to your vehicle, requesting its GPS location, then gives you directions so you can quickly and safely return to your connected car. Unlike other vehicle location apps, you don’t have to mark your vehicle’s location.


Two features highlight mbrace2’s security functions. Find your vehicle with a five-second cacophony using Remote Horn & Lights. With Valet Protect, you can set specific parameters for your vehicle, receiving a text message if your connected car has left the designated area (Ferris Bueller, anyone?). You control when you receive alerts.


Heading out to a new part of town or taking a road trip off the beaten path? Using mbrace2 on your Verizon Wireless smartphone, you can send navigation information directly to your vehicle’s dashboard via the app’s Send2Benz tab. Using the address or location of your desired destination gets you on your way.

With the mbrace2’s Drive2Friend social networking tool, you can easily navigate to your nearby friends by sending a text message asking for their location. A simple “Yes” reply allows the app to automatically acquire their location, and sends it to your in-vehicle navigation system.

With a handful of other helpful functions, Mercedes-Benz mbrace subscribers have the power to control and command their vehicle’s many technological advances. With Verizon Wireless and mbrace2, that control is in your hands. How’s that for new car technology?

This content was created by an author contracted by Verizon Wireless to provide helpful information on mobile technology. The thoughts, opinions and suggestions of the author may not necessarily reflect those of Verizon Wireless.

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