Verizon Cloud Saves the Day—and Your Content

Back up and store your content for easy access from multiple devices with 5 GB of free storage.

Put your contacts, photos, videos, text messages and more on Verizon Cloud, so that you can get to what you need when you need it. It’s your content, stored securely and accessible to you on virtually any device.

Super storage

Sure, Verizon Cloud can help free up space on your smartphone or tablet and keep your important contacts and photos safe, even if you lose your device. But here’s another benefit: You’ll be able to access your music, photos and other content from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Simple segue

Verizon Cloud also makes the transition to a new device quick and painless. Instead of having to transfer content item by item, you’ll have immediate access to it on your new device. And if you’re making the move to a new smartphone or tablet because your old one is lost or damaged, you won’t have to worry that you also lost your contacts, photos, videos, text messages and other content.

Save and sync

Verizon Cloud does double duty, providing a secure means of backing up your content while also giving you access to it, all within a single app. Want to sync pictures and videos to your device, and then share that synced content? Verizon Cloud makes it easy. Need to be able to access your work documents while traveling? You need Verizon Cloud. Like having your photos and documents on both your smartphone and your tablet? You guessed it—Verizon Cloud is the answer.

Verizon Cloud supports Android and iOS devices, and support for additional OS platforms is coming soon.

Just select how much storage you need:

  • 5 GB for free
  • 25 GB for $2.99 per month
  • 75 GB for $5.99 per month
  • 125 GB for $9.99 per month


This content was created by an author contracted by Verizon Wireless to provide helpful information on mobile technology. The thoughts, opinions and suggestions of the author may not necessarily reflect those of Verizon Wireless

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