Pro Soccer Drills That Take 15 Minutes or Less

Got 15 minutes? With a few professional soccer drills and the latest fitness gadgets, you can kick up your game in almost any sport or fitness activity.

Can’t bend it like Beckham? You can still get a workout worthy of a soccer pro. Today’s soccer coaches and experts use the latest tech in their training to get a killer workout in as little as 15 minutes (some exercises only take 90 seconds!). So grab your smartphone and go find an open stretch of grass—and kick your home workout up a notch.

1. Cue the music

Motivate yourself to get through your workout with some loud music. Try samba or anything with steel drums, says Qiana Martin, a professional soccer player. Or, find a playlist with fast-paced music to keep your intensity up throughout your workout. Blast your tunes through an awesome Bluetooth® speaker, such as the Beats Pill 2.0.

2. Wear a heart rate monitor when you run sprints to work toward speeding up your recovery time between sets

“Soccer is one of the few games where you’re constantly in motion,” says Nick Webster, a soccer broadcaster in Los Angeles who coached the Cal FC team all the way to the US Open Cup in 2012 and again in 2014.

The adidas miCoach Heart Rate Monitor or the built-in heart rate monitor in the Samsung Galaxy S® 6 can help you maximize your workout. “It’s all about recovery,” Webster, who uses a heart rate monitor with his players, says. “You want to see who can get back to full capacity the soonest.”

3. Look at the data—not heavy breathing—to gauge performance

A player usually gauges a game’s intensity by how tired he or she is after the game, Webster says. But the adidas miCoach Speed_Cell gives a more accurate reading: It counts the number of sprints, measures miles covered, clocks your top speed and tracks the amount of time you’re active during the game.

Webster uses the miCoach Speed_Cell with his players. The device slips under the insole of a compatible adidas shoe or clips to the laces of other shoes, and the data syncs wirelessly to the companion app.

“Sometimes you think you’ve had a great game, and you get your data back and you’ve only run a mile and half,” says Webster.

4. Run soccer drills

Martin spends her offseason talking up the physical and diplomatic benefits of the sport. After so many questions about her personal soccer drills, she filmed a few of her favorites and posted them to YouTube™.

“You can have minimal space and minimal time and do the drills wherever,” Martin says. “There are seven [drills] in the series, and you can do as many as you want.” She suggests that people do the drills two to three times a week, “until they get familiar with the exercises.”

Watch Martin’s Goddess Legs 3-90 Workout videos on a tablet or smartphone and follow along for a hands-free, intense routine. And if you’re planning to spend a lot of time training outside, consider a device with good visibility in bright sun, such as the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet.

5. Increase the number of miles you run per game

The number of miles a player runs during a game depends on the competition level and the player’s position. According to Webster:

  • Elite players run 6 to 8 miles per game
  • College players average 4 to 6 miles
  • Recreational players cover 1 to 3 miles

The new adidas miCoach Smart Run Watch tracks miles and syncs with the miCoach app.

6. Set up a fartlek workout and run sprints

Webster runs fartlek (Swedish for speed play) drills to prepare his players for the spectrum of movement they’ll face during a game—walking, jogging, running and full-on sprinting. If you’re looking for a fitness tracker, make sure it counts your mileage, too, like the Speed_Cell and Smart Run Watch.

Learn how to make your own fartlek workout

What you need:

The setup:

  • Identify an area where you can put a 50 by 50 yard diamond
  • Use your GPS app and place the four cones in a diamond

fartlek soccer drill

Even if you’ve never played the sport, learning a little about how to play soccer can take your fitness regimen to the next level. So get started, track your progress, and improve your overall fitness with soccer and mobile technology.

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