How to do soccer tricks: tips and tutorials

These soccer moves may look difficult, but with our tips, you’ll master them in no time. And your friends will all wonder how you learned such fancy footwork!

1. Taking penalty kicks

  • Position the ball and take three to five steps back, slightly angled toward your nondominant side.
  • Pick a spot in the goal where you’re going to aim. Then look at the ball and pick a spot on its underside to strike.
  • Keeping your eye on the spot on the ball, run towards it and plant your nondominant foot directly next to the ball, while you strike with your dominant foot.
  • Be sure to keep your dominant foot pointed and strike the ball with your laces.
  • As you kick the ball, keep your momentum moving forward and follow all the way through, landing on your kicking foot, to ensure a powerful shot.

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2. Taking corner kicks

  • Position the ball within the marked area at the corner of the field.
  • Much like with a penalty kick, take three to five steps back at a slight angle and pick where you want to kick the ball. A good place to aim is near the top of the 6-yard box.
  • Plant one foot, kick with the laces of the other and follow through. As you strike the ball, lean slightly back so that you can get some lift on the ball.
  • After striking the ball, run onto the field and be ready to play.

3. How to do a throw-in

  • Take the ball in both hands and bring it behind your head.
  • Bring the ball straight over your head and throw it in, keeping both feet on the ground.
  • You can either stand still with both feet together, or you can take a step with one foot and drag the other up to meet it as you throw the ball.

4. Juggling the ball with your feet

  • To get the ball up without using your hands, drag it back with your dominant foot and quickly insert that same foot under the ball—your toes pointed to the ground.
  • Quickly point your toes to the sky to pop the ball into the air.
  • Using your laces and the inside of your feet, make small touches so the ball bounces in the air in a controlled manner.
  • Practice, practice, practice!

5. Heading the soccer ball

  • Keep your eye on the ball as it travels through the air and as you make contact with it.
  • Use your forehead—not the top of your head—to better control the direction of the ball.
  • Move your head in the direction you want the ball to go and keep pushing through until after you’ve made contact.
  • Get more power by jumping and moving your body and head.

6. Trapping the ball from the air

  • Bring your foot up to meet the ball in the air.
  • As the ball hits your foot, try to get the ball on your laces near your toes or the inside of your foot.
  • Bring your foot down to cushion the ball’s fall, keeping your ankle locked the whole time for optimal control.

7. Trapping the ball with your chest

  • When the ball is in the air, move toward the ball’s path to meet it.
  • Lean backward from your waist and extend your arms to the side.
  • Make sure you trap the ball with your chest. If it hits too low, you may get the wind knocked out of you, and if it hits too high, you may lose control.
  • As the ball hits your chest, move your torso into a concave position so that the ball travels in a controlled fashion down toward your feet.

8. Doing a double step-over move

  • Make sure you’re dribbling with full control of the ball, using small touches rather than large kicks. Turn your body to face the direction you’re faking to go.
  • Bring your leg around the front of the ball and plant it while pivoting your body to face the other direction.
  • Bring your other leg around the front of the ball, and quickly kick the ball in the opposite direction with your foot.

9. Doing a rainbow

  • Point your dominant foot in the direction you’ll be moving, with your nondominant foot perpendicular to it.
  • Step in front of the ball with your dominant foot and move your nondominant foot so that you’re squeezing the ball between your ankles.
  • Roll the ball up the calf on your dominant leg and lean forward.
  • Use the heel of your dominant foot to pop the ball up over your head.