Tennis Technology to Help You On and Off the Court

You don’t have to be a tennis pro to play like one. These tennis accessories and apps will help you improve your game.

You don’t need to be a tennis pro to play like one. Some of the newest tennis technology can give you instant feedback about your performance on the court to discover and improve your playing style.

Zepp™ Tennis

The Zepp Tennis Swing Analyzer —a lightweight inch-wide square that attaches to your racket—records 1,000 data points a second to craft a 3D breakdown of your tennis swing. Zepp Tennis comes with the Zepp sensor, racket mount and charger. Combine those with the Zepp Tennis app for the best analysis of your game.

Here’s how to use Zepp Tennis: Attach the sensor to the racket mount and connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth® to your mobile device. Then, check out the results of the analysis in the app. You’ll get information on your swing and game, including:

  • The shape of your tennis serve (you can view the position of your racket in 3D)
  • The number of forehands, backhands, serves and smashes you hit
  • How much power you generate with each stroke
  • How many topspin, slice and flat shots you hit by shot type
  • Total court time and active time

To get even more data on your game, throw on a wearable fitness tracker, such as the Jawbone UP24™ or Fitbit Flex™, and see how many calories you’ve burned and the number of steps you’ve taken.

Improve your tennis game

If you need to brush up on your technique, consider the Learn Tennis app. Designed by a tennis pro, this app teaches fundamentals of the game and shows you how to practice them. It also covers how to handle common problems, how to treat and prevent tennis injuries and how to prepare for tournaments. Parents can learn how to help the development of their future US Open champion, too.

See how you stack up to the professionals with Mentor Apps – Tennis. Simply record a video of yourself and upload the footage to see how you compare to the best players in the world—side by side.

The Tennis Math app is one of the most comprehensive statistics trackers for tennis players. Use it to keep track of match records and analyze players’ progress over time. The app supports hundreds of scoring rules and allows you to share match reports with friends and opponents.

Play hard outside—and keep your device safe—with a good smartphone case.

Organize a tennis match

In search of a tennis partner? Find one nearby with the Tennis Buddy app. Filter players by different criteria, such as distance, age or skill level. Or send out a broadcast to everyone in your area or a certain target group. For example: “Who wants to play a game at 6 p.m. tonight?” Review local player profiles and check out their ratings from other Tennis Buddy players to get a true gauge of your competition.

If you need to find courts nearby, then turn to the Tennis Weather Pro app. Browse detailed information about courts all across the U.S., weather forecasts and current tennis conditions to make sure you don’t get rained out.

With these tools and apps, you’ll be sure to ace the competition. Advantage: you.

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