Ideal Bluetooth Accessories for Your Vacation

There’s an accessory out there to avert practically any warm-weather crisis.

When school’s out (whether for the summer or shorter holidays), the magic and travails of family vacationing await. With so many things that could go wrong—flight delays and overly aggressive patdowns; funky-smelling hotels; car trouble; sunscreen emergencies; sand and its ability to work its way into some very uncomfortable places—no vacation is complete without a hitch. Luckily, Bluetooth™ wireless accessories can help.

Crisis: That speed boat you rented seemed like a great idea at the time, but your windblown wife is less than impressed. On top of that, when you called your brother to brag about the great fishing, a rogue wave knocked the phone right out of your hand.

Crisis Averted: Instead of breaking waves and your phone, you used the BlueAnt Q3 Smart Bluetooth Headset. The BlueAnt stays securely in place around your ear, so your adrenaline-wracked palms never need to let go of the boat. And with the Wind Armour Technology™ eliminating background noise, your brother will catch every word of the whoppers you’re telling.

Crisis: Your wife and daughter are about to take their first surfing lesson, and it’s your job to slather them with sunscreen before they go out. Your cheerfully shouted encouragements are apparently unhelpful, and your wife flips the board! As she flails around like a deer on roller skates, you’re overcome by the urge to call your brother-in-law and describe the scene—but, drat it, your hands are still greasy from the sunscreen.

Crisis Averted: When you witness the embarrassing-vacation-moment of a lifetime, the Jabra® Wave Bluetooth Headset is there for you. There are only a few need-to-call-everyone-I-know-right-now moments in life. Don’t let slippery hands prevent you from sharing your wife’s lasting chagrin with friends and family.

Crisis: Your husband is running around the amusement park like a 3-year-old jacked up on cotton candy. Your kids can’t even keep up with him, and the four of you keep getting separated. And he can’t answer his phone because his arms are full of carnival-game prizes.

Crisis Averted: Luckily, you have the Plantronics M70™ Bluetooth Mono Headset: one for each member of the family. Now your husband and kids can enjoy the park at their own pace, and everyone can keep up with each other thanks to the headset’s voice-controlled dialing.

Crisis: As a teenager, you can’t stand family vacations. The beach is lame. Your little sister snores and steals all the blankets. Your mom made everyone wear matching yellow-and-black-striped T-shirts, which is also lame. All you want to do is talk to your goth girlfriend back home and wallow in emo music.

Crisis Averted: You saved up your measly allowance for the ERA™ by Jawbone® Bluetooth® Headset. Its background noise-cancellation capabilities give you the sense of solitude you’ve been craving. Call your girlfriend, sullenly slouch down in the back seat, and barely notice the fifty-seventh round of “I am Henry the Eighth, I am” clattering off the windows. (So lame.) And when you’re not talking to her, you can use your Jawbone to listen to music in full-spectrum, quality sound.

Crisis: You piled into the family minivan headed for the beach some 10—has it really been 10?—hours ago, but you’re never actually going to get there. The constant bathroom stops, food stops, side trips, detours and “World’s Largest Whatevers.” Eyes bugging from caffeine overload, baffled by that last highway interchange, you’re not sure where you are anymore. And if you hear one more “Are we there yet?” you just might spontaneously combust. You need to get back on track.

Crisis Averted: Good thing your kids bought you that Motorola Roadster Pro Bluetooth® Car Kit for Father’s Day. Use it to broadcast turn-by-turn directions from your phone’s GPS navigation, and you’re almost certain to make it to the beach. Talk hands-free to the rental agency when they call to find out where in blazes you are. When the sound of your kids’ squeaky voices starts grating on your nerves, drown them out with music streamed from your mobile device. The Roadster is an essential companion on cross-country family adventures.

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