Case vs. Holster vs. Pouch: What’s Right for You?

You’ve got a killer smartphone. Now it’s time to protect your investment with the ideal carrying case.

Of course your new smartphone looks great; it’s new! But keeping it scratch-free will require either careful handling and constant care or, more likely, an accessory designed to protect it.

The good news is you’ve got plenty of choices, including cases, pouches and holsters. So let’s review your options with an eye to form, fit and function, and find the one that’s right for you.

Cases and pouches—what’s the difference?

Think of pouches as protection for your device when you’re not using it. Your device is enclosed in a pocket, safe for transport, but will need to be removed for you to use it. Having to remove it to use it may sound like a negative, but it’s very handy if you’re frequently placing your device in a docking station, charging station or car mount. Many such cradles and mounts require your device to be “naked” when docked, and pouches are designed for easy device removal. For those who keep their smartphone in their pocket or purse, adding a pouch can provide full protection against everyday hazards like keys, lipstick and lint.

Making a case for cases

If your smartphone will spend a lot of time in your hand, consider using a case to protect it. Don’t base your choice on looks alone; you have to like the way the case feels too. Compare cases made of different materials to see what you prefer. Rubberized covers can be less prone to slipping from your fingers; smooth plastic is easier to keep clean; metal cases can be very durable and resist impact. Another thing to note: Devices come in all shapes and sizes, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that cases—which are usually designed for a snug fit—are made to hold specific models. Read the packaging (or the web description) to make sure you’re getting something that will fit your device and has cutouts for its buttons, jacks, and camera lens.

The quick-access holster

If your smartphone’s too big for a pocket or if you find yourself using it again and again, put it in a holster. A spring clip attaches the holster to a waistband or belt and lifts or detaches for quick access. You’ll be hands-free while you wear it, but your smartphone will always be at your side when you need it. For ultimate access and protection, some manufacturers offer case/holster combinations that are sold separately but designed to work together. With these combos, the case can be used without the holster but the holster must be used with the case (i.e., it won’t fit a “naked” device).

The perfect fit

Armed with an understanding of the choices, you’re ready to look at the accessories made to work with your specific device. You can browse, compare and even buy online, or visit your local Verizon Wireless store where you can make some hands-on comparisons and talk to an expert before you purchase. Snug in its new protective accessory, your smartphone will be geared up and ready to do its job.

This article was written by an author contracted by Verizon’s Insider's Guide to provide helpful information on wireless technology. The thoughts, opinions and suggestions of the author may not necessarily reflect those of Verizon Wireless.

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