4 Signs You Need a Bluetooth Accessory

From speakers to headphones to keyboards, Bluetooth® wireless devices can make your life a little easier.

We all have times when life gets a little … crazy. Relationships, family, career, and creative endeavors are all susceptible to the occasional bad hair day. Thank goodness for modern mobile technology. Bluetooth devices, for example, which wirelessly connect to your smartphone over short distances, can help smooth over a lot of everyday rough patches (and even some not-so-everyday ones).

Here are four signs that you might just need a Bluetooth device in your life.

First Sign:

You get into a tiff with your girlfriend a week before your anniversary. To make it up to her, you decide to blast her favorite song standing below her bedroom window before you go out on Saturday night. But the volume on your phone isn’t quite loud enough to grab her attention. Time is running out, and do you really want to spend the next month in the dog house?

How Bluetooth Saves Your Date:

The Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker turns your phone into the perfect stereo system, capable of playing 8 hours of continuous music. So you stand outside the window holding up the speaker playing the song from your first dance together. She can’t resist and smiles at you like you’re the greatest boyfriend of all time. And since the Bluetooth speaker works up to 30 feet from compatible devices, you’re free to bring it to the beach, the park or wherever your adventures together take you next. 

Second Sign:

As a mom, your job never ends. You’re challenged with balancing work responsibilities, taking care of the kids, and making dinner every night. You’re about to leave work, and your boss calls with an update to your report. Your husband calls to ask for chicken parm. Then your son calls to tell you exactly what he needs for his school project, the one he “just remembered” is due tomorrow.

How Bluetooth Helps You Keep All the Balls in the Air:

Moms are the CEOs of the American family, and with the Motorola Rider In-Car Bluetooth® Speaker, you’re ready to juggle like a circus clown. When your life feels like a never-ending conference call, attach the hands-free device to your sun visor and use the voice commands. Now you can tell Evernote what you need to do tomorrow and what you need to pick up on your way home, without losing your train of thought. You’ve got it all handled before you even leave the parking lot.

Third Sign:

You’re a serious writer, but you have enough rejection letters from your novel to jump-start a municipal recycling program. It’s time to face the music … the economy is still rough and you’re slowly becoming a starving artist. Your laptop’s on the fritz because you spend too much time downloading your favorite 70’s TV shows. Low on cash, you’ll have to sell everything except your tablet, but your wrists ache at just the thought of using that virtual keyboard for serious daily typing.

How Bluetooth Fuels Your Creative Fire:

A new computer is too expensive, natch. Lucky for you, the Zagg Keys Universal Bluetooth Keyboard lets you affordably turn your tablet into a super-portable laptop. You’re more prepared for those cramped cafes you love so much—and with the leftover cash, you can upgrade from your Ramen noodle diet.

Fourth Sign:

You’ve finally landed that coveted job as a personal assistant to an infamous film producer. Going thrice daily for his (absurdly complicated) coffee order, dropping off his dry cleaning, picking up phones that never stop ringing—paying your dues. You tackle this drudgery with gusto, knowing someday you’ll have your own personal assistant to pick on. But until then, your boss has two phones (one business, one personal) and three personalities, and you have to handle them all, all day long. If only you had as many hands …

How Bluetooth Saves Your Job:

The ERA™ by Jawbone® Bluetooth® Headset is a sleek, must-have gadget featuring “advanced multipoint,” which allows you to simultaneously connect to two different phones and effortlessly switch between them. You’ll never have to balance a phone between your shoulder and chin again. Keep your hands free for the important assistant tasks, like holding your boss’s lattes and carrying his freshly cleaned suits. And when you become boss, you can present your assistant with your old Bluetooth headset, a gift representing responsibility and trust.

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