Streaming Music to Rock Climbers in Colorado

With a small Bluetooth® speaker and 4G LTE tablet in tow, Laura Patten and friends spend an afternoon off the beaten path in Colorado enjoying music and rock climbing.

Colorado-based Laura Patten is an avid skier, mountain biker and yoga practitioner. Recently, she’s added rock climbing to her list of outdoor activities thanks to her al fresco friends. And with Patten’s crew, no afternoon at the rock face is complete without music. In this User Experience story, Patten uses the Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker to wirelessly stream music from her Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. As a Bluetooth novice, Patten explains how the easy setup and impressive sound quality makes this portable speaker an indispensible companion for both travelers and music lovers.

The devices:

Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Accessory: Jawbone® JAMBOX™ Bluetooth® Speaker

The experience:

On weekends, Patten and her friends enjoy the Colorado outdoors, whether they’re skiing the white-capped Rockies, such as Highlands Bowl, or mountain biking down wooded trails like Valhalla Trail in Snowmass.

Recently, Patten has learned a new hobby from her friends: rock climbing. And to boost adrenaline—especially when pushing over that last looming crux on a rock face—these climbers like to listen to music.

Made for travel: portable yet powerful

But of course there are no electrical outlets outdoors, so on a recent climbing trip, Patten used the Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker to sync with her Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and stream music for her friends from the foot of a cliff.

“People always bring music rock climbing,” Patten says. “Setting up the speaker’s Bluetooth with the tablet was super easy.” Less time setting up shop means more time hanging high on the crag.

Weighing less than a pound and fitting in the palm of a hand, the Jambox is the perfect speaker for traveling. Plus it offers powerful hi-fi audio that sounds great in almost any location.

Patten tucked the speaker in her backpack for the hike to Glenwood Canyon, just off I-70 in Glenwood Springs, Colo. When her friends found their climbing spot, she just set the speaker at the bottom of the rock wall. With a durable rubber casing, the speaker sat protected, ready to stream the group’s music for up to 10 hours of climbing (starting with a full charge).

A music lover’s companion

So what music goes well with rock climbing? “That depends,” Patten says with a laugh. “If you’re on a hard problem, maybe you need something to pump you up, like something electronic. But if you’re just relaxing and hanging out, maybe some Blind Pilot.”

The Jambox may be small, but it packs a punch. “The sound quality was great,” Patten says, even when listening to music outdoors. The speaker features 85 decibels of output capacity for loud and clear audio, even while high above.

Aside from streaming music from a personal music library, the Bluetooth speaker works well with music apps that are installed on mobile devices. Thanks to her 4G LTE Galaxy Tab, Patten had an Internet connection even at the base of the mountain, which let her run the Slacker Radio app.

“I hadn’t used [Slacker Radio] before, but I really liked it,” Patten says. “Sometimes I get bored of the same artists, so I chose a genre station and enjoyed the music it came up with.”

Patten also enjoyed the music streaming app and wireless speaker combo during parties with friends and while doing mundane chores like house cleaning.

But there’s just no topping the feeling of having your own personal soundtrack while scaling a 200-plus-foot cliff. Rock on.

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