Eight Smart Actions Everyone Could Use

The SMARTACTIONS™ app helps you do things automatically on your Motorola smartphone.

Mastering all the settings on your device takes time and some trial and error. But you can avoid smartphone menu hopping by using SMARTACTIONS, a versatile app exclusive to Motorola devices.

With SMARTACTIONS, you create scenarios where your phone initiates certain tasks automatically, whenever and wherever you want them to occur.


Think of SMARTACTIONS as a combination of triggers and resulting actions. First, you identify a trigger event, which can include things like location, time of day, battery level, number of missed calls, etc. Second, specify a resulting action that occurs after the trigger. These can include changes to phone Settings, sending a text message or launching a specific app.

Creative use of the SMARTACTIONS app allows you to customize your phone around your unique life. The app will even analyze behavior and make suggestions for new rules or explain ways to enhance existing ones.

Here is a day-in-the-life using customized SMARTACTIONS:

Good morning

Trigger: The time on your phone hits 7 a.m. (time to wake up).

Action: Your favorite song begins to play, your ringer is re-enabled, and a weather app launches, showing the day’s forecast. The latest headlines let you catch up on what happened overnight.

The golf buddy

Trigger: After a morning out on the golf course, you reach the 18th hole.

Action: A “meet me at the clubhouse” text message is sent to your friends and another is sent to your spouse asking if they need anything?you’ll be home in about an hour.

Driving to the store

Trigger: Getting into your car, you connect your phone to a Bluetooth in-car speaker.

Action: GPS is enabled and a navigational app launches to help you find the organic grocery store you’ve been dying to try.

Your favorite drive-time music playlist is queued up and begins to play. It’s a beautiful day for a drive.

A stop at work

Trigger: Checking in at the office, your phone picks up the company’s Wi-Fi.

Action: Your primary email shifts from personal to work and social media push notifications are turned off. Your ringer is auto-set to vibrate so calls won’t disrupt any meetings.

Hitting the gym

Trigger: Later that day, GPS detects that you have driven through the intersection of Main and Irving, which is on the way to your gym.

Action: A text message is auto-sent to your workout partner, reminding him about his weekly exercise goals. (And because SMARTACTIONS knows you’re at the gym, it launches your favorite workout mix when you plug in headphones.)

Battery conservation

Trigger: Your phone battery hits a certain level of remaining charge.

Action: If the display is off, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are disabled. If you are using your phone, the display is dimmed and data usage is economized. Similar actions will take effect when you go to sleep tonight.

At the movies

Trigger: After dinner, GPS detects that you have entered the lobby of your favorite movie theater.

Action: Your phone is automatically set to silent so the passive-aggressive people in the next row no longer talk about you in mock whispers.

What would you use SMARTACTIONS for? Let us know @vzOffers.

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