Track Work-Related Hours and Expenses with Your Phone

At your home office or on the road, these apps can help you with the business of tracking your business.

You love tracking your work hours. Nothing excites you like the thrill of filing an expense report. Right? Didn’t think so. Why not let your smartphone help with the often-tedious task of tracking your work hours and expenses? Snapping a photo of a receipt or making a quick note about time spent on a project is easier when the tool for the job is always at your side. Here are six apps to help turn your smartphone into the perfect assistant.

Manage your expenses
Whether you’re reporting to an accounting department, keeping tabs on spending for your own small business or just tracking personal expenses, Expense Manager helps you capture every expenditure. With this app, you can track expenses by category, take pictures of receipts and export your files to desktop software via CSV file. Or, check out Gingerly—a location-aware tool that identifies where you are and ties it to your expenses.

Check to see if the service your employer uses for travel and expenses has a companion app, like Concur. You can photograph receipts and manage an expense report even in airplane mode, so you can make the most of your travel downtime to get ahead before you get back to the office.

Digital timesheets
Tracking your time spent on projects can make the best use of your time, whether you’re an employee or self-employed. Outside of the office, monitoring your time can help you find better balance in your life. For work or personal tasks, use Timesheet to track what you do. Start a timer for a particular task, add breaks and note expenses associated with your activity. Export your data for a report, or check your statistics within the app.

Got an NFC (near field communication) phone like the Samsung Galaxy S® 4? You can download the Timesheet NFC Add-On. Use the app to create a tag for a specific project, associate it to an NFC sticker and, when you want to start tracking time for that project, tap your device to the sticker.

TimeClock can also help you manage your time, export data and even create invoices based on your input. By signing up for a free Time Tracker account with TimeClock, this service also backs up your data instantly so you can access it online at any time.

If your time-tracking needs are less complex, you may already have what you need to track your time—a simple timer and your calendar app.

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