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Tech Smarts

Phone calls from your tablet? It’s possible with these apps

To make calls from a tablet, all you need is a good tablet phone app. Here are our favorites.
Home & Family

Apps to block texting while driving

Everyone needs to just TTYL before we OMG the car.

How to plan the perfect date night with apps

These apps help you plan a perfect date night whether you want to go out, stay in, veg out or rock out.
Tech Smarts

How to move what’s stored on your old phone to your new phone

Got a cool new phone? Congrats! Here’s how to transfer messages, music and other files from your old device.
Sports & Wellness

Committing to a new goal in 2016? Get help from these apps

Can apps help you stick with it? App-solutely.

Tell a better story with your photos

Photographer and storyteller Nick LaVecchia takes you on a surf trip to Panama.