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Sign up with My Verizon and learn how to manage your account with just a few clicks. Check your usage, view and pay your bill, add a line, update features, block calls and text messages and more.

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How to add someone to your Verizon plan

Adding another line to your current plan is quick and simple with My Verizon.
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5 awesome perks of being a Verizon customer

Not only do you enjoy great network coverage as a subscriber, you also have access to some pretty cool features and services.
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What is Verizon Advanced Calling 1.0?

Verizon’s new next-gen calling service offers natural-sounding HD calls and video calls in high-def, along with a host of other features, at no extra cost.
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How to track data usage with My Verizon

Easily keep tabs on your monthly data allowance and receive data alerts via text and email.
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Cloud storage: what it is, how it works and why you need it

Verizon Cloud lets you save your prized photos, videos, music, and documents safely and securely.
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How to suspend and reconnect your service

Temporarily suspending your service is sometimes necessary, but it’s never difficult with Verizon.