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How to call someone in another country from the US

They may be in distant lands, but you’re still under the same moon, and you’re just a phone call away.
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Have phone, will travel: How to pick an international plan

Nothing dulls a vacation quicker than a cell phone that doesn’t work overseas.
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3G Network Extenders: your top questions answered

Here’s everything you need to know about improving the cell phone signal in your home or office.
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How to add someone to your Verizon plan

Adding another line to your current plan is quick and simple with My Verizon.
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How to upgrade to the phone you want

Here are several options to help you get that new device you want sooner than you thought possible.
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How to move what’s stored on your old phone to your new phone

Got a cool new phone? Congrats! Here’s how to transfer messages, music and other files from your old device.