Tech for Holiday Road Trips

Mobile gear to assist in getting around this season.

By on November 25, 2013

American families will soon be heading to Grandma’s house. And they won’t be alone. Road trips are still the leading method for visiting with family and friends. As folks go over the river and through the woods, be warned that they are sure to be packed with other travelers. Studies from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation show that 91 percent of Americans travel by personal vehicle during the holidays.

Anyone who’s traveled by car during the holidays knows that traffic makes for long, boring stretches and stressful rides. Let’s take a look at how travelers can use wireless technology to help keep everyone occupied, safe and happy.

With the help of Roadtrippers, the planner in the group can schedule their trip down to the smallest detail. This Web-based app calculates mileage, travel time and fuel costs, taking the guesswork out of travel planning. Additionally, the Audible app allows audio books to be downloaded straight to a mobile device. Listening to a favorite novel on the road can make 500 miles of whiny backseat bickering seem like 50.   

For the drivers, who have to keep their eyes on the road, the iBolt TabDock-Universal Tablet Holder keeps tablets securely in place during road trips. By mounting tablet devices right on the windshield, it frees up the driver to focus on the road while following directions from VZ Navigator hands-free.

For the music lover in the car, SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Headphones deliver deep bass tones and vibrant highs when listening to favorite tracks. A vast music library can be stored on the Verizon Cloud for access to favorite tunes with no downloading necessary.

The gamer can use the MOGA Pro Power system, which is designed for Bluetooth-enabled Android 2.3+ smartphones and tablets. This game system is equipped with a state-of-the-art, portable controller and a library of amazing titles.

Let’s not forget Fido. Dog Park Finder Plus helps identify off-leash parks on the route. And when it’s time to stop for the night, the Mobile app provides information on the hotels at which Fido is welcome to stay.