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BlackBerry Smartphones

Be productive with a BlackBerry®

BlackBerry smartphones are powered by an operating system built for multitaskers and professionals, keeping you in touch and productive both in the US and abroad. BlackBerry is made for working and communicating on the more

BlackBerry Classic. Maximum performance with the keyboard you know and love.

BlackBerry phones help make your life more convenient. Equipped with intuitive features built for juggling tasks and the powerful BlackBerry operating system, you’ll stay in touch and on top of your daily to-do list. With a new BlackBerry phone, you can:

  • Video chat. Conduct video conference calls or simply chat face-to-face with friends or colleagues using BBM™ Video.
  • Work on the go. View and edit Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files.
  • Keep work and play separate. Organize your work files apart from your personal files with BlackBerry Balance®*.

Features may vary by phone.

* Only available with BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10. 


The operating system you choose determines which online stores you’ll use to download apps and other content straight to your smartphone. BlackBerry phones have one-touch access to BlackBerry World, offering:

  • Trending Apps and Games. Find new exercise routines, perfect your photos or race cars. To be more productive, use apps that help you organize project notes, take and annotate screenshots and connect to your cloud storage.
  • Themes. Personalize your BlackBerry by changing the background image, cursor style, icons and more, all according to your taste. Pick a holiday theme to get in the spirit or let your smartphone reflect your favorite hobby or cartoon character.
  • Books and News. Get apps that let you read books on your smartphone, keep up with current events or browse the newest issue of your favorite magazine.

BlackBerry smartphones on the fast Verizon 4G LTE network empower you to stay efficient, in touch and secure.

With Verizon 4G LTE behind you—it’s America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network—you’ll have peace of mind when you’re trying to post a photo, share a document, send an email or find quick answers on the web. 

With BlackBerry smartphones on Verizon, you’ll benefit from:

  • My Verizon. Manage your account anytime from your device or computer. You can monitor data usage, set safeguards, check on upgrade options and more.
  • Verizon Smart Rewards offers deals for being a loyal customer, including shopping and travel discounts.

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What are Monthly Device Payments?

  • Easy Monthly Payments

    The cost of your device is split into 24 monthly payments, which appear on your bill.

  • No Upgrade or Activation Fee

    With monthly device payments, you don't have to pay either of these fees.

  • Save on Your Bill with a Smartphone

    Get up to $25 off the monthly line access per smartphone on The MORE Everything Plan.

  • The Best Way to Upgrade

    Get a new device whenever you want, once your old device is paid off.

Buying a Smartphone? Monthly device payments help you save.

Save $25 off the monthly line access for every smartphone on The MORE Everything Plan with 6 GB of data or more. Or, save $15 with 4 GB of data or less.

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