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LG makes phones that enhance your life. No matter your personality, there are a variety of LG phones that not only reflect your taste, but also meet your everyday needs. From new LG smartphones to more basic LG cell phones, LG instills the same idea of smart, yet simple....read more

Free LG G3. Plus, get a free LG G Pad 8.3 LTE tablet when you get the LG G3.

LG phones suit multiple lifestyles thanks to a wide variety of designs, from high-tech LG smartphones, such as the LG G3, to basic LG cell phones, such as the LG Cosmos™ 3.

Want a full QWERTY keyboard for fast and easy texting? Try out the Enact™ by LG smartphone or the LG Extravert™ 2 basic phone. Want a more traditional flip phone for making and taking calls? Try out the LG Exalt™. Interested in having the latest tech? LG stays on the cutting edge of technology with new LG phones, like the LG G Vista or LG G3, each of which features a rich, vivid display and powerful battery.

From designing more ergonomic buttons and curves, to improving your media experience with an HD display, LG looks for ways to enhance your life and increase your productivity. Need to look up directions for visiting a relative? An LG phone can help you do it. Want to listen to music over your lunch break? Download your favorite tunes to an LG smartphone.

LG smartphones run on the user-friendly Android™ operating system. Whether you’re snapping and posting photos of the kids or watching a video or work presentation, LG Android phones make the task quick and enjoyable.


To make the most out of Android smartphones, it’s a good idea to download some paid and free apps for Android. You can download apps for Android smartphones from Google Play™.

Popular apps include social media apps, such as Facebook®, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat, as well as productivity tools like Evernote®, Dropbox™ and Microsoft® Office.

There are many fitness apps available for Android as well, and these often integrate with wearable fitness devices. Some of the top free apps for Android related to fitness include MyFitnessPal, Endomondo and MapMyRide.

Gamers can enjoy many options as well. Some fun gaming apps for Android include Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga and Cut the Rope.

New apps are released to Google Play every day. To find out about the latest and greatest apps for Android phones, see what’s trending at the store and experiment to see which apps are your favorites.


With an LG phone on Verizon’s super-fast 4G LTE network, you have more power at your fingertips. Video chat with friends or check email in more places across the nation on America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network. Access the Internet quickly and enjoy faster browse times with an LG smartphone on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, which is 10 times faster than 3G.

Depend on your LG smartphone navigation app to give you accurate directions to your dinner date or even your next vacation spot. Snap selfies or pictures of your family and friends and share them instantly via Facebook. Use the email widget on your LG phone to keep up with work even while you’re out of the office. In a meeting and can’t take your friend’s call? Send them a text instead!

An LG phone on Verizon’s network helps you do more and be more. And with Verizon, there are plenty of LG phones to choose from, including the captivating LG G3 and the LG G Vista, which features a large 5.7-inch qHD display.

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