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Samsung Phones

Samsung: Brilliant displays, intuitive features

Want a smartphone that helps you reach your fitness goals, takes beautiful photos and lets you use two apps at once? With a great line-up to choose from, there's a Samsung smartphone for you at more

The Next Big Thing Is Here

Vivid HD displays. Easy navigation. Power-saving features. You’re sure to find the Samsung phone that fits your lifestyle and keeps you connected to the people and things you love. With a Samsung smartphone, you can:

  • Do two things at once. Look up a movie time while sending an email on the same screen.
  • Capture better photos. Eliminate blurry pictures and shaky videos with optical image stabilization on the Samsung Galaxy S® 6.
  • Take handwritten notes. Just like writing on paper, use the S Pen™ to jot down a grocery list on your Samsung Galaxy Note® 4.

Features may vary by phone.


Samsung smartphones come in all different sizes. The large HD screens of “phablets” like the Galaxy Note 4 show your media almost larger than life, while a compact screen displays vivid content while also easily fitting in your pocket.

The Android™ operating system comes with built-in Google™ mobile services, such as Gmail™, Chrome™ and Hangouts™. It also offers access to apps, music, movies and e-books at the Google Play™ Store.


Verizon offers the latest Samsung smartphones powered by America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network. Checking email from the park or posting a photo of tonight’s special dinner? Stay connected with an intuitive Samsung phone and fast Verizon 4G LTE.

Other benefits of getting a Samsung phone powered by Verizon include:

  • My Verizon lets you monitor your data usage and manage your account around the clock. Change features and services, enroll in paperless billing and more.
  • Get free shipping and save money with accessory bundles for Samsung phones. You’ll find a wide selection of accessories at Verizon, from colorful headsets to smart gadgets for your home.
  • Verizon XLTE is the ultra-powerful network that doubles the 4G LTE bandwidth in cities nationwide and boosts your ability to stream, share and do more of what you want.

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  • No Upgrade or Activation Fee

    With monthly device payments, you don't have to pay either of these fees.

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    Get up to $25 off the monthly line access per smartphone on The MORE Everything Plan.

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    Get a new device whenever you want, once your old device is paid off.

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SamsungGalaxy Note5

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SamsungGalaxy S6 edge +

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SamsungGalaxy S®6

(for 24 mos: 0% APR. Full Price: $576.00 ** )

SamsungGalaxy Core Prime™

(for 24 mos: 0% APR. Full Price: $144.00 ** )

SamsungGalaxy S® 5

(for 24 mos: 0% APR. Full Price: $552.00 ** )

SamsungGalaxy S®6 edge

(for 24 mos: 0% APR. Full Price: $672.00 ** )

SamsungGalaxy Note® 4

(for 24 mos: 0% APR. Full Price: $624.00 ** )
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