Download and Install VZAccess® Manager - Windows®
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Download and Install VZAccess® Manager - Windows®

This shows how to download software to use your Internet-capable device with your Windows computer/PC. Our Troubleshooting Assistant can help you with other device issues if you aren't currently using the tool.

VZAccess® Manager software must be installed before inserting the PC Card / USB Modem into the computer for the first time. Only after the software has been installed can Windows successfully install and configure the PC Card / USB Modem.

  1. Close any open apps.
  2. Launch a web browser then navigate to //
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to select the appropriate software for your hardware/operating system.
  4. Locate then double-click the downloaded file.
    VZAccess Manager download file icon
  5. Click Run.
    Note If presented with a User Account Control prompt, click Continue.
    VZAccess Manager install open file security warning screen
  6. Click Next.
    VZAccess Manager install welcome screen
  7. Ensure I agree with this software license agreement is selected then click Next.
    Software license agreement screen
  8. Click Next.
    Choose install destination screen
  9. Click Next.
    Start installation screen
  10. Click Finish.
    Installation complete screen
  11. Configuring VZAccess® Manager - Windows®.
Last Modified: March 13, 2014
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