Performing a factory reset - Samsung SCH-i830
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Performing a factory reset - Samsung SCH-i830

Warning Performing a factory reset will wipe out all of the data including information backed up with Sprite Backup. Perform a hard reset prior to this process and only perform this reset if absolutely necessary.  Refer to Performing a hard reset - Samsung SCH-i830 for assistance.

  1. Press the Phone button to launch the Phone application.
    Phone application dial pad
  2. Tap Tools > Options.
    Tools > Options
  3. On the Security tab, tap Phone Reset.
    Phone settings
  4. Enter the last 4-digits of the mobile phone number and tap OK.
    Phone setting password
  5. Tap Yes.
    Reset warning message
  6. The device may take several minutes to delete all data and restart.
    Restart start Device formatting
Last Modified: October 6, 2009
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