Download and Install VZAccess® Manager v7 - Windows®
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Download and Install VZAccess® Manager v7 - Windows®

 Previous versions of VZAccess® Manager must be uninstalled before proceeding. Refer to Uninstalling/Reinstalling VZAccess® Manager for assistance.

VZAccess® Manager software must be installed before inserting the PC Card/USB Modem into the computer for the first time. Only after the software has been installed can Windows® successfully install and configure the PC Card/USB Modem.

  1. Close any open apps.
  2. Launch an Internet browser then navigate to //
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to select the appropriate software for your hardware/operating system.
  4. Locate then double-click the downloaded file.
    VZAccess Manager download file icon
  5. Click Install VZAccess Manager.
  6. Click Run.
    Note If presented with a User Account Control prompt, click Continue.
    Run VZAccess Manager install
  7. Click Next.
    Begin Installation
  8. Ensure I agree with this software license agreement is selected then click Next.
    License Agreement
  9. Click Next.
    Install Desktop shortcut and continue
  10. Click Next.
    Installation Folder
  11. Ensure Typical is selected then click Next.
    Typical Installation
  12. Click Install.
  13. Click Finish.
Last Modified: February 21, 2013
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