Updating the Palm profile - Palm® Pixi™ Plus
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Updating the Palm profile - Palm® Pixi™ Plus

Warning If a profile is updated with a new email address and that email address is associated with another Palm profile, the Palm profile already associated with that email address is deleted along with all associated data when the verification email is received at that address and confirmed.

On the Phone

  1. From the Home screen, touch the launcher icon.
  2. Touch Backup.
    Note If necessary, swipe horizontally or vertically to locate.
  3. Touch Preferences > Palm Profile.
    Preferences is located at the upper-left corner of the screen.
  4. Enter the password then touch Sign In.
  5. Edit as desired.
  6. To change the password,
    1. Touch Change Password.
    2. Enter the password, touch the confirm password field and re-enter the password then touch Done.
  7. Make the back gesture in the gesture area to return to the previous screen.
On the Web
  1. Navigate to the Palm profile website (www.palm.com/palmprofile).
  2. Enter the username and password then click Sign In.
  3. Locate the desired item to be updated then click Change beside it.
  4. Edit as desired.
Last Modified: July 28, 2010
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