Set ringtone - DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC
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Set ringtone - DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC

  1. From the home screen, touch the applications tab (located in the lower-left).
    Applications tab
  2. Touch Music.
  3. Touch the music menu icon (located at the bottom left of the screen).
    Music menu
  4. Touch the icons on the bottom of the screen to browse by Artists, Albums, Playlists, Songs, Genre or Composers for the desired song / ringtone.
    browse for music
  5. Touch a song / ringtone.
    Touch song or album
  6. Touch Menu.
  7. Touch Set as Ringtone.
    Set as ringtone
  8. Touch the ringtone option.
    Phone ringtone
    Sets the ringtone
    Contact ringtone
    Set the ringtone for a specific contact
    Trim the ringtone
    Adjust the length of the ringtone
    Select ringtone option
Last Modified: April 27, 2010
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