Memory Card Inserting/Removing - Thunderbolt™ by HTC
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Memory Card Inserting/Removing - Thunderbolt™ by HTC

Note The HTC Thunderbolt ADR6400 supports a microSD (TransFlash) memory card. A memory card is included with the device. Additional microSD cards can be purchased from any Verizon Wireless retail store or at the online store.
  1. Ensure the phone is powered off.
  2. Remove the back cover. Securely holding the phone with the display facing away, gently pull the cover open from the gap at the top of the phone.
    Remove the battery cover
  3. Lift out the battery from the notch at the lower end of the of the battery slot.
    Remove the battery
  4. Insert the microSD card into the slot with its gold contacts facing down. Push it in until it clicks into place.
    Note To remove the card, push the card in slightly then slide it out.
    Insert / Remove memory card
  5. Align the battery contacts with the contacts inside the battery compartment. Insert the contact side of the battery first then gently push the battery into place.
    Replace the battery 
  6. Replace the back cover.
    Note Ensure the cover is locked in place to prevent signal loss.
    Replace the back cover 
Last Modified: March 18, 2011
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