Initial Activation and Setup - Pantech Breakout™
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Initial Activation and Setup - Pantech Breakout™

Note The traditional *228 activation should not be performed on this device.

 Note Notes:
  • SIM activation only completes on the Verizon Wireless Network.
  • Ensure a 4G SIM card is inserted before performing the steps below. Refer to Insert the SIM Card for additional assistance.
  1. Press and hold the Power/Lock key to power on the device (right side).
  2. Slide up the lock screen to the right to unlock the screen.
  3. If presented, select Proceed with the setup process.
  4. Select the language then select Next.
    Note If presented with the Home screen, select Apps then select Setup (Tools section).
  5. Select Skip.
    Note To access Backup Assistant, select Next then refer to Backup Assistant.
  6. Select Skip.
    Note To setup/access a Google Account, select Next then refer to Google account.
  7. Select Next.
    Note To add email accounts, access social networks and download new content, select the service then follow the on-screen instructions.
  8. Ensure the desired location services to be used are checked then select Next.
    Note Select Agree after each selection.
    • Verizon Location Services
    • Standalone GPS Services
    • Google Location Services
  9. Select Finish.


Backup Assistant



Select the appropriate option then follow the steps below it.


  • Create new account
    1. Enter a 4-8 digit PIN, re-enter the PIN then select Next.
    2. Select OK.
    3. Continue from step 5 (above).
  • Restore Contacts
    1. Enter the 4-8 digit PIN then select Next.
      Note To retrieve the PIN, select Forgot PIN and note the displayed PIN then select Continue.
    2. Select OK.
    3. Continue from step 5 (above).




Google account



Select Next and choose the appropriate option then follow the steps below it.

  • Create
    1. Select Create.
    2. Enter the appropriate information then select Next.
    3. Enter a password; re-enter the password then select Next.
    4. Select a security question from the dropdown.
    5. Enter the answer for the security question.
    6. If desired, enter a secondary email address.
    7. Select Create.
    8. To continue, review the Google Terms of Service then select I agree, Next.
    9. Enter the characters displayed in the Catch picture then select Next.
    10. Continue from step 6 (above).
  • Sign in
    1. Enter the Google account email address and password then select Sign in.
    2. Ensure the data and synchronization options are checked then select Finish.
    3. Select Finish Setup.
    4. Continue from step 6 (above).


Last Modified: August 26, 2014
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