Initial Activation and Setup - Google Chromebook
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Initial Activation and Setup - Google Chromebook

Note Initial setup must be performed via a Wi-Fi connection.

Note The first Google account to sign in to the Chromebook is designated as the owner of the device. Any subsequent Google accounts that are used to sign in do not have owner privileges (the ability to change or modify sign-in permissions, network management, time zone, channel setting, usage statistics and crash reports).

  1. If applicable, ensure the battery is inserted then press the power button.
    Power button
  2. From the chrome connect screen, ensure the appropriate language and keyboard are selected.
  3. From the 'Select a network' field, click the drop down menu.
  4. Click the appropriate Wi-Fi network.
  5. Enter the password then click Connect.
  6. Click Continue (located in the lower-right).
    Note The option may not be selectable until the Wi-Fi connection has been successfully established.
  7. Review the Google Chrome OS Terms and End User License Agreement then click Accept and continue to proceed.
    Note The Chromebook checks for and may apply available system updates.
  8. From the Sign in screen, enter the appropriate information into the following fields:
    • Email Address
      Note A Google email account must be used.
    • Password
  9. Click Sign in (located below the Email Address and Password fields).
  10. Select an account picture then click OK (located in the lower-right).
  11. To activate Verizon Broadband service, perform over-the-air activation.
Last Modified: December 24, 2013
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