Reset App - Pantech Marauder™
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Reset App - Pantech Marauder™

  1. From a home screen, select Apps.
    Home screen with Apps
  2. Select Settings.
    App menu with Settings
  3. If applicable, select System (appears in Starter mode only).
    Settings with System
  4. From the DEVICE section, select Apps manager.
    Settings menu, Applications manager
  5. From the All tab, select an app.
    Manage applications with available applications
  6. Select Force stop.
    Note The app depicted in the following images is merely an example.
    Application info with Force stop
  7. Select OK.
    Force stop with OK
  8. From the STORAGE section, select Clear data.
    Application info with Clear data
  9. Select OK.
    Delete confirmation with OK
Last Modified: June 13, 2013
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