Set Up Corporate Email (Exchange ActiveSync®) - Moto X™
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Set Up Corporate Email (Exchange ActiveSync®) - Moto X™

Note Contact the Exchange/IT administrator for assistance with server information and credentials.

  1. From a home screen, select Apps Apps icon (located at the bottom).
  2. From the APPS tab, select Settings.
  3. From the ACCOUNTS section, select Add account.
  4. Select Corporate.
  5. Enter the appropriate Email address and Password then select Next (located in the lower-right).
  6. Enter the appropriate information into the following fields:
    • Domain\Username
    • Password
    • Server
  7. Ensure the following settings are configured as appropriate then select Next:
    Note Enabled when a check mark is present.
    • Use secure connection (SSL)
    • Accept all SSL certificates
  8. If presented with the 'Remote security administration' prompt, select OK to confirm.
  9. Select the 'Inbox checking frequency' drop down menu.
  10. Select one of the following:
    • Automatic (Push)
    • Never
    • Every 5 minutes
    • Every 10 minutes
    • Every 15 minutes
    • Every 30 minutes
    • Every hour
  11. Select the 'Days to sync' drop down menu.
  12. Select one of the following:
    • Automatic
    • One day
    • Three days
    • One week
    • Two weeks
    • One month
    • All
  13. Select any of the following to enable or disable then select Done:
    Note Enabled when a check mark is present.
    • Send email from this account by default.
    • Notify me when email arrives.
    • Sync contacts from this account.
    • Sync calendar from this account.
    • Sync email from this account.
    • Automatically download attachments when connected to Wi-Fi.
  14. If desired, enter an account name then select Next.
  15. If presented with the 'Activate device administrator?' screen, select Activate
    Note If applicable, review the Password policy then select OK to continue.
    1. Select Password.
    2. Enter a password then select Continue.
    3. Re-enter the password then select OK.
Last Modified: August 28, 2013
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