Enable/Disable Restrictions - Apple® iPhone® 5S
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Enable/Disable Restrictions - Apple® iPhone® 5S

Any restriction set to OFF/disabled will hide the corresponding icon (App Store, iTunes, Safari, etc.) on the home screen.

Restrictions are often enabled/disabled by an employee's corporate policy. The user may need to contact their IT department for additional information.

  1. From the home screen, select Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Select Restrictions.

Enable Restrictions
Disable Restrictions


Enable Restrictions

  1. Select Enable Restrictions.
    Enable Restrictions
  2. Enter a restrictions passcode.
    Enter passcode
  3. Re-enter the restrictions passcode.
    Re-enter passcode
  4. Select the switches to enable/disable restrictions
    Note Restriction is enabled when the switch is in the green position..
    • Safari
    • Camera
    • FaceTime
    • iTunes Store
    • Installing Apps (The App store will be hidden if set to Off)
    • Deleting Apps
    • Siri
    • Air Drop
    Select switches to enable disable




  1. Enter the restrictions passcode.
    Enter restrictions passcode
  2. Select Disable Restrictions.
    Disable restrictions
  3. Enter the restrictions passcode.
    Enter the restrictions passcode



Last Modified: September 16, 2013
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